Our "Ultimate" 1 to 1 package

Serious Indie Publishers ONLY


What if we were there, on hand, to guide you personally on your publishing journey? 

12 Month Mentorship is back! 

Those that did the recent 90-day immersion program begged to be allowed to stay on for a full year.

They promised to put in the work….so I relented and agreed.

I have one slot opening up on the 1st August for 12 Month Mentorship.

This is our ultimate level package and offers unrivalled access to myself and Jen.

We start with a call where we determine your current position, your goals, your assets (i.e. what books you have) and then I go away and plot out a plan for three months!

Why three months?

Because this business is changeable, and we need to adapt and be flexible in our approach.

Most weeks (unless we, or you, are away) we will have a 1 to 1 call.

At the end of the call, I usually give you a to-do list…I do like that completed before the next call (successful students always do this) - rest assured I do factor in your circumstances so I won’t be expecting 18 hours of work a day from you!

It’s like me sitting over your shoulder, watching and advising as your business progresses.

 I stop mistakes from happening.

 I help inflate successes.

Each and every day, I am batting for you!

We you see the results our mentoring students get then the investment seems like peanuts. 

There are a whole range of extra benefits included that are designed to give you support you need on a daily basis - you can read about those in a second.

We don't just take ANYONE! 

It may seem harsh, but this isn’t an opportunity for everyone.

You need to be committed.

You need to understand what it takes.

You can’t just press a button and order.

You need to register your interest.

I’ll come back; we’ll probably arrange a time for a quick chat and go from there.

To be honest, If I'm working with you for 12 months I need to be sure that I can work with you and that “we fit”. 

"Morning Neil. My best month. Ever! :) 

Thank you so much for your kind coaching. I remember when we first talked about it back in Feb and you said that with my books I should be making about 10k. It felt like such a dream. Will continue to keep working harder and harder each month and do everything you say. Have a wonderful weekend! :)"

When you are a mentoring student all of this is included:

  • Membership of Indie-Publishing Masters - $1200 Value
  • Unlimited Covers Package - $900 Value
  • ANY training we release during the mentorship period  - Probably $1000 Value
  • Batphone AccessEmail / FB message us and we will respond ASAP - $1000 Value
  • NEW One plot critique a month - send me your plot - I'll comment and improve $1200 value
  • Occassional Mail Outs to my lists and possible invites to group box sets - Value (Could be priceless!) 

Over $4300 in value INCLUDED



Christmas is the most profitable time of the year for us self-publishers. 

Our own income  increased by 30 to 40% over the festive season last year. 

The festive season runs from October through to January. 

This is an ideal time to leap on board with mentorship.

You don't want to miss out on boosting those profits. 

​John Luross went from $2,700 per month to multiple $10k+ months in less than a year

For those of you that have been frustrated with your publishing efforts to date, please consider working with Neil & Jen Bakewell.

It felt as though I was beating my head against the wall…jumping at every email offering the “secret” to the Kindle publishing business.

I’m so glad I swallowed my pride and asked for help. Since I’ve been plugged in to Neil & Jen’s system, my publishing business has steadily grown.

Looking back at my numbers, I finished January 2018 at $2700. That now has steadily grown to where I am finishing the year with multiple $10,000+ months.

​Brenda Maxfield went from a handful of sales to quitting her day job and buying an overseas beachside condo

What a fortuitous day it was when I came upon Neil and Jen Bakewell and the amazing publishing Programs and products they offer.

At the time, I had been writing voraciously, publishing often, marketing the best I knew how, and then waiting … and waiting … and waiting for the sales. (This had been going on for a few years, actually.)

Many of you will know exactly what I mean. I’d gotten some great reviews from the few sales I did make, but still the volume was simply not there. I remember thinking that a handful of sales a week was good! Well, no more.

After working with the Bakewells and following their advice religiously, my writing career has done a complete turn-around. So much so that I resigned from my day job and I bought a condo overseas with my writing proceeds.

So much so that I am now location-independent and can earn my living anywhere. And now, I consider Neil and Jen not only my mentors, but my friends. I can heartily and completely recommend anything they produce. They’re the real deal.

​I can't do the work for you! 

Here is the big thing if you are interested in this! 

I can't do the work for you.

The amazing results you read about on this page were the result of work!

Each week these clients show up on the call and report in about the work they have done. 

I can count on one hand the number of times that these students have shown up and said they have had a bad week in terms of getting stuff done! 

This is an essential part of the arrangement. 

Don't even think about applying if you don't want to work. 

One Million Dollars! 

A million dollars! 

This client has been with us a while. 

Mentoring students do stay with us for more than one year!

Opportunities to join the Mentoring Program don't come around everyweek! 

If you miss out on this then I don't know when this opportunity will happen again.

Remember you get all of this as a 12 month mentoring student

  • Live 1 to 1 call, normally once a week. 
  • Batphone Access for emergencies
  • All covers designed 
  • Access to Indie Publishing Masters
  • Any training we release during the mentorship period
  • One plot critique a month
  • Occasional mail outs to our lists and opportunities to join group box sets

This is our "Ultimate Package"

Slots do not open up very often. 

Miss out on this, we don't know when a new slot will open.

The investment is just $6500

Many students earn that back in just one month!

Do you want results like those on this page?


It's time to pull up your big girl or Big Boy PANTS AND TAKE the FIRST STEP

When you click the button below it will simply open up an email with my private email address.

Send me a message and tell me three things...

1. Where you are now. 

2. What you hope to achieve in 12 months

3. How committed you are to making it happen. 

Don't overthink it. Don't write what you "think" I want to read. Do it with truth and from the heart. 

I'll be in touch....

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