...even if you have never written fiction before

We haven't yet offered 21 Days to Publication in 2022. The doors have been firmly locked. 

Why? We have been busy serving our current clients. 

Just this month we have had a student from one of the first intakes of 21 Days smash through the £3,000 a month mark. 


We have just had our FOURTH client hit the $1,000,000 lifetime earns mark (she has been with us 6 plus years!) 

So we have dusted down 21 Days and made it OPEN ACCESS. This means you will get all the lessons TODAY.
(Not drip-feed over 21DAYS)

Heads up...if you do go ahead and take up this offer I will have to add you manually to the course.

There has been no time to set up automation. (Plus I have the tech skills of a slug)

If you want to have your first book written, published and selling in just 21 Days then READ ON! 

Neil's Story

Despite being appalling at English at school, I liked writing stories.

I recall a casual conversation with my English teacher in which I mentioned considering being an author….she grinned.

I’ve now published more than forty number one bestselling titles. One of my pen names has a book publishing deal in the United States which puts my books in Walmart stores. This year I turned down a multi-book deal for another of my pen names from one of the big three publishing houses because it was too restrictive.

All of this came about from writing and publishing little books of between 10,000 and 25,000 words on Amazon.

Who do you think is grinning now? :)

But I guess I need to start this story at the beginning… so, if you are sitting comfortably, I’ll begin.

I had this magical idea.

I would put words from my head onto a sheet of paper and people would buy it.

I'd be... an alchemist!

No need to spend months in a lab, trying to turn base metal into gold. I could turn blank sheets of paper into words, and then words into money. 

After years of working in the corporate sector and then for myself, I was looking for an escape. I was seeking a low stress route to make money. A route with almost unlimited potential.

For me, publishing books seemed to be a great idea, especially as Amazon allow anyone to publish for free on their platform!

As I have already hinted, the problem I had was that I wasn’t particularly good at English. (Appologies for any errors than might slipped in on this page!)

At seventeen, my geography A-Level teacher finally mentioned the word dyslexia. A word that might explain why I didn’t learn the alphabet until I was in my early teens and why spelling was such a mystery to me.

But I’m digressing….back to the story. 

I loved history, and so I started writing and publishing non-fiction historical books. Short little titles, hardly Alison Weir epics.

Some sold, some didn’t.

It was pot-luck.

I spun the wheel and prayed.

It was frustrating; why couldn't I get it right everytime?

I almost gave up.

Then I thought about fiction.

The vast majority of book sales were fiction. Why was I trying to publish non-fiction if most of the money was made with fiction?


This was my first “light bulb moment”, and looking back it seems so obvious!

So I wrote a fiction book. Published it. Waited….and then NOTHING!

Not a single sale.

Why was I wasting my time? This clearly wasn't for me. 

That’s when I seized on a cheap course on writing in this weird little fiction niche - the niche was a surprise and when I opened it, I swore! Loudly and repeatedly.

I’d been ripped off. Who would buy books in that niche? 

But then I looked at this pack of information again, and it started to grow on me.

What the hell, I thought…one last try.

Within a week I had written a book.

Within two weeks, it was at number one in the genre and selling like hotcakes.

Unbelievable! It had worked.

Over the next few months, I released more books and worked on the system. I refined and improved it. I added promotion into the mix.

Then I added new genres.

Finally it got to the point where I could publish books full time.

Jen then joined me in the business! We now work together in the little office in our house or outside in the garden during the summer.

We go away when we want to, and we take our computers with us. As long as we have an internet connection, we can work. We’ve published books while on a cruise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

These days we don’t even write all of the books ourselves. We outsource the majority of it to ghostwriters.

This gives us more time and more freedom.

It is the freedom aspect that we value the most.

We aren’t tied to set working hours or days. If we want to do something, we can!


We started teaching our system to others, mostly breaking down genres and showing people who had tried and failed to make money through self-publishing in the past how to do it our way!

Many of our students have achieved incredible success. You can read about some of them on this page.

All of them found the hardest part to be writing and publishing that first title.

This is where our brand-new course comes in.

We don’t focus so much on the "system." We focus on getting your first book written, published and promoted so that you can prove to yourself that you can do it.

If you ever wanted to write a book or start a career that allows you to work from home with more time to do what you want, then this is for you.

We are proud to introduce…


From blank screen to your first sale, even if you have never written fiction before. 

Instant Access To The Whole
Course Now Available




It's a 21 day course that is designed to get you over the first and biggest hurdle to making a living from self publishing - publishing your very first FICTION book. 


You get access to a dedicated training area. Each day you'll get a short video training lesson, with homework. If you keep up with the homework each day you'll have a book published at the end of the course. - NOTE, due to the current situation we have removed the drip feed element and you get access to the whole course from day one. 


The course is designed to need around an hour a day of your input. Occassionally you may find you need a little longer.


No, the genre you produce your book in will your own choice. We will provide a little bit of general guidence but the choice is yours. The point of this course is to get you over the first and biggest hurdle - publishing your first book and proving to yourself you can do it.


No, many of our most succesful students don't write the books themself. We will cover how to go about this if it is your favoured route. 


Of course. We start at choosing the genre and plotting the story. Then move on to writing  (or selecting a ghostwriter) then on to cover design options, editing, formatting, publication and promotion. 


You'll be added to an exclusive Facebook group. You can ask as many questions as you want in the group during the course. 


You get lifetime access to the training course. If you aren't around for a few days then the lessons will be ready and waiting for you on your return. 


No, not expensive at all. Just £97 for lifetime access.  

NOTE - due to the speed we have set this up. I am required to manually add you to the training area once you have joined. This can take a couple of hours, and depending on where in the world you are I might even be asleep. Rest assured that you will be added to the course and granted access to the supporting Facebook group as soon as possible. 



"Just do it! I got my first book out in 21 days, did the work once and pages are still being read and downloaded which I get paid on. This £97 programme literally launched my book writing and I now see it as a very valuable income stream 😊"

A McCay

It actually does what it says on the tin. 🤷‍♀️ No exaggerated and inflated promises, this course is straightforward and couldn’t be easier to follow. 
It is also just awesome to work with two people who are so grounded and fun. If anyone is on the fence about doing this - I don’t often recommend courses, but this one is absolutely worth it.

I Lee

"Neil and Jen are gems. This publishing business is for my family's FREEDOM. To do what we want, where we want and with whom we want!"

J Cox

"Neil and Jen are the greatest. Following their advice and putting in the work has allowed me to buy my dream condo in Costa Rica! Can't say enough great things about them!"

B Maxfield

"In the age we live in it's understandable to be jaded and skeptical. But they are the real deal, and have been directly responsible for an awesome income by following their guidance and trainings. And I know many others personally who can say the same."

N Stockwell




  • 21 Daily Video Lessons Together With Homework 
  • Three General Plot Templates - Romance / Action, Adventure, Thriller / Murder Mystery 
  • Checklists 
  • Lifetime Access
  • Exclusive Facebook Group 
NOTE - due to the speed we have set this up. I am required to manually add you to the training area once you have joined. This can take a couple of hours, and depending on where in the world you are I might even be asleep. Rest assured that you will be added to the course and granted access to the supporting Facebook group as soon as possible.

Incredible Success Stories From Our Students

"Morning Neil. My best month. Ever! :) 

I remember when we first talked about it back in Feb and you said that with my books I should be making about 10k. It felt like such a dream. Will continue to keep working harder and harder each month and do everything you say. Have a wonderful weekend! :)"

"For those of you that have been frustrated with your publishing efforts to date, please consider working with Neil & Jen Bakewell.  It felt as though I was beating my head against the wall…jumping at every email offering the “secret” to the Kindle publishing business. I’m so glad I swallowed my pride and asked for help. Since I’ve been plugged in to Neil & Jen’s system, my publishing business has steadily grown. Looking back at my numbers, I finished January 2018 at $2700. That now has steadily grown to where I am finishing the year with multiple $10,000+ months." 

Check out these screen shots from some of our established students

Is this for me? 

Yes, this is for you IF...

  • You can follow instructions
    Missing out just ONE piece of the jigsaw can cause the whole system to fall down.
  • You put in the work
    We won't be asking you to put in eighteen hour days, but you'll need around an hour a day.
  • You are looking to make extra money
    Our system is geared to making money. We don't believe that authors should "suffer" for their craft. We will teach you to create a book that sells, not one that will win you a prize! 

No, this isn't for you IF...

  • You Want A Get Rich Quick Scheme
    If you are looking for something like this, then go somewhere else....please!
  • You Expect Your First Book To Sell Bucket Loads! 
    It's possible but highly doubtful. You'll need to publish books regularly to gain a following. 
  • You expect results similar to the screen shots above in month one! 
    Those results are all from experianced writers and publishers. Consistant work is required. 

More Thoughts From Our Students

"Neil and Jen taught me how to write, publish and promote small books. It has changed my life and allowed me to leave a full time job as an accountant. This is much more fun than working in an office"

"I've been looking for a way to make a living online for a long time now with nothing giving me the results I needed to see - until I got involved with Jen and Neil that is.
Getting involved with this group is most definitely the best thing I have done business wise and the publishing business is so rewarding! Plus, you can do this anywhere with an Internet connection. Truly a dream come true and I can't wait to finally leave my 9 to 5. Well on my way, dropping to 3 day week shortly all thanks to Jen and Neil and this wonderful group of people!"

"Neil and Jen’s method work. Even though I had tried my hand at one fiction genre and two non-fiction niche books I had no success until I implemented their method the way it was outlined in their training. I followed it precisely and held my breath.

The first three books all made it to best sellers in their category, two of them stayed in it long enough to earn best seller stickers and my #1 book got knocked down a peg – by one of my other books.  All three made it to the hot new sellers list several times. At one point, they were all sitting at number 1, 2 and 3. It was exciting to see.  Now I know that if you do it right, it works."

"Working with Neil and Jen for the past two years has been a turning point for me and my self publishing business. Their no nonsense, can do, and keep things simple strategies have resulted in many 10k+ months for me. Last month alone delivered $16,887 in royalties from short read publications to Kindle. I have no hesitation in recommending their training. Obviously no guarantees can be made, but in my experience, if you put the work in (yes, you will need to work, sometimes very hard!) and follow the process, you will see results!"  

"Yesterday after just one short month of their coaching I have just hit $200 and every day for the last two weeks the daily figure has been growing the current day being better than the day before. As I write this, I am already on $90 by 12 noon, another record!"

Act Now by clicking the button below

I cannot promise you will have the fame, fortune or following of J.K Rowling or Stephen King in 21 Days. But follow the lessons and I guarantee that you will have a book written, published and selling. 

Click "ENROLL NOW" to become a published author in less than 21 Days. 

NOTE - due to the speed we have set this up. I am required to manually add you to the training area once you have joined. This can take a couple of hours, and depending on where in the world you are I might even be asleep. Rest assured that you will be added to the course and granted access to the supporting Facebook group as soon as possible. 

If you have any issue then email us direct at neil@neilbakewell.com 

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