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It's time to continue the journey with us! 

You’ve come to the end of the 21 Days to Publication Course! Congratulations! 

Of course, the journey doesn’t end there. 

You know that you won’t get rich from just one book. Repetition is the key to success.

We offer additional programs that help our students achieve incredible results. 

We have one student that has made over a million dollars since working with us. 

Two others will probably break that barrier later this year. 

We have others making solid five figure months. 

If you put in the work, then our training programs get results.

We’d love for you to continue your journey with us your guides. 

As such, we have put together a very special bundle of our training programs just for you. 

But this offer expires when the countdown reaches zero.

If you read to the end you’ll see there is an added bonus for taking action quickly. 

If you take up this very special offer then this is what you are going to get. 

This is our "flagship" program. "Masters" is a monthly membership group that normally costs $97 a month. 

This is where our students hang out and "learn" from the daily content in the Facebook Group. 

There is also regular training and Q+A sessions. All of which get stored in the training area for easy access. 

There are literally hundreds of hours of training locked away ready for you to learn and profit from. 


You get access to our whole BIG MONEY FROM LITTLE BOOKS COURSE which is now included in the bonus section of Indie Publishing Masters. This is a great "next" step after 21 Days to Publication.

With this offer you get a massive SIX MONTHS of access to "Masters" and Big Money From Little Books

Value $582


We break down each of these genres into a step by step process. 

The biggest problem authors have is identifying profitable genres. 

Yes, everyone can see the genres that get the highest sales.

But how can you hope to compete when all of the TOP 100 of that chart is ranking at less than 1000 in the Amazon chart and all of the top authors have huge email lists?

You can't...this is what will happen. 

You write your book.

You spend all of the money on the editing and cover. 

And you launch... 

Your book, as awesome as it is, sinks. It flops without a trace. 

It's not your fault. You didn't have a chance before you started. 

However, we have identified some profitable genres where you CAN compete!

Victorian Romance and Classic Westerns are two of the best.

They are also ideal for newbies as they only need one book every 4 to 6 weeks. 

(In some of our genres we are publishing each week - and it is hard to keep up ) 


Classic Westerns

Victorian Romance


These are SHORT Fiction books - around 22,000 to 25,000 words each. 

These are incredible results for first books by new pen names; it is possible to get these results but remember we are at the top of our game and been doing this for a long time

You will get BOTH of these training programs

VALUE $594


Just for those that invest in this offer.

Our Best Book Money Making Secrets Revealed

​We promise that this will be worth the investment alone

Date to be confirmed

You will get access to the recordings



Remove one of the biggest headaches that Indie Authors have - Covers! 

Our design team will design your first six covers for you.

This must be used within six months 

VALUE $180



Discuss anything you want about your publishing business....

VALUE $250


What do people say that have jumped on this offer?

"Like many people, writing books has been a dream for me since I was a kid. But we grow up, life gets in the way, and that book we were going to write becomes something that gets less and less of a priority, until we forget about it entirely.

So, last September when a friend of mine sent me a link for the 21 Days course, I thought 'f*ck it' let's give it a go! And, yep, I got a book out in 21 days!! I'm going to be totally honest here. That book was rubbish and made me about 15p! Haha. BUT then something magical happened. I loved the experience so much that I took the next step and signed up to join Indie Publishing Masters.

Now, six months later, I have entirely replaced my income from my copywriting business. And, now we're in lockdown, ALL of my clients have disappeared anyway. If I hadn't joined 21 Days, I would be royally screwed by now. As it happens though, I am now steadily bringing in 4K a month and I'm publishing fiction to Amazon almost every week. What's more, on Boxing Day 2019, one of my books hit number 1 in the genre chart and stayed there for 11 weeks.

'21 Days' literally changed my life. And, if you're undecided about taking the next steps with Neil & Jen. JFDI.


"I was one of those people who was determined to tell myself I could not write a fiction book if my life depended on it. And back then, I was right. I didn’t know what I was doing, telling myself it was going to be a right nightmare. I was panicking everyone would think my stories sucked – and even under a pen name, I didn’t want to stomach the inevitable one star reviews I felt would come my way.

After backing out a couple of times when the course opened, I finally took the plunge and went for it – if I really screwed up, I could just not publish the book, right?

Well, with this system I wrote a book I was proud of, and I got it out there and published well within the 21 days. (I like to go at things like a bull at a gate!)

After that, I continued writing and now I have 15 books done, all following the same system. Three months later, I write my own books full time. I earned four figures of royalties in month two with a bit of grit, determination and elbow grease, and a couple of freelance people added to the team. 

Over a million of my words have been reads – words I thought would suck. The books are in genres I’d never even considered reading myself, and yet I could still do it.

Recently, someone told one of my pen names they had discovered their new favourite author. Me – who back before I took this course thought I couldn’t string a few words of fiction together.

If you think you’ve got more chance of getting blood out of a stone than writing a fiction book, think again. I was that person too. 

With the right encouragement and this easy to follow system, you could do the same as me. It’s an amazing feeling to know you can create books which thousands of other people love.

I have to know in my heart that something works before I recommend it, and I have no qualms at all endorsing this course, and the help and support Neil and Jen provide to help you succeed. They helped me break free from an online business that was dragging me down, and opened the door to  do something I now adore and take a lot of pride in."


"I joined Neil and Jen's Indie Publishing Masters off the back of their

 21 Days To Publication crash course. And it was THE BEST business

 decision I've made in years.

 Because the 'Bakewell Method' works!

Simply follow the instructions, don't overthink it, give the readers

 what they want – rinse, repeat. And you'll end up with a growing

catalogue of short books that keep on selling...

If you keep doing the work, that is.

I love writing. Always have. But I love money too. And as an Indie

 Publishing Master, I've finally learned how to combine those two,

 effectively and easily.

 I joined in December, and released my first novel at the end of

 January. Two months later, I was already making a decent, mid 3-figure

 amount from just three short books. I'm now writing my fifth novel,

 and I'll have written and published at least 7 more by the end of the


 Coming from a prolific procrastinator, I'd say that's impressive.

 And it's all because of the method Neil teaches, and the advice and

 support from his mastermind community.

 Looking back, I know Neil himself - as a person - heavily influenced

my decision to join. There's no "blueprint guru ninja book coach"

 nonsense to what he offers. Neil is just a normal, down-to-earth bloke

from up north, who's developed a proven system that he actually uses

 himself (with great financial success).

And now if you'll excuse me, I have books to write.

 And sales figures to admire."



When you invest today you get all of this


6 months access to Indie Publishing Masters 

Includes Facebook group, Training vault and Big Money From Little Books

VALUE $582


2 Genre Breakdowns

Everything you need to start publishing in classic westerns and Victorian Romance. If you don't want to write yourself in these genres then hire a ghostwriter.

VALUE $594


Exclusive Webinar

Our Best Book Money Making Secrets Revealed 

VALUE At least $200


6 Covers

Let our designers take the strain

VALUE  $180


40 minute 1 to 1 Call with Neil

VALUE  $250


We want to make this a no brainer for you to decide to continue your journey with us. 

So if you decide to investment TODAY the price you pay isn't going to be $1806. 

It isn't even going to be $1000. 

The price today is just...


Spilt it up into 6 monthly payments of

Yes, the monthly payments do work out slightly higher, but you get the option to spilt up. Pretty fair!

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