Is your book DEAD and lying stone cold in the ground?  

Check your titles into the "book hospital" and breathe new life and new profits into them.

Implement these simple measures and extract more money from your titles at will. 


Dear fellow authors and publishers,

We all have a back catalogue of books! Ours stands at a little over 800 books! (If you didn't know mainly publish short read fiction!) 


Our catalogue probably performed much like yours, the latest releases pulled in the bulk of the income. At the same time, the older books were left to languish. When we looked at our catalogue, we found that 10% of our books brought in 90% of our income! 


That meant that 90% of our published books were effectively dead! 


I imagine that yours are just the same, it's a common trend. 


That was just crazy to us! We had invested time and money to those books… were we really going to just let them die? 


An idea hit us… what if we could breathe life back into our back catalogue and start it earning good money again?


Effectively we would have to resuscitate our books from the dead. Surely that was impossible? But what if we could? That would give us additional income without the need to write or pay for new books! 


Let me reveal to you to the secrets of… BOOK IMMORTALITY


Introducing "Book Resuscitation" 



We discovered that several strategies could be employed to achieve just that. It would depend on the particular title that you were attempting to resuscitate which method you such use. 


Now, usually, this information isn't available outside of our high-level mastermind groups. 


However, we've compiled all of the strategies in this special report! 


Inside you will discover 5 different strategies:


THE CPR method! The least "invasive" of all the strategies and the one that you shouldn't hesitate to use. This should be used within two weeks of launch if your title just doesn't take off the way you had planned! 


The Lazarus method - Lite and Full-Fat versions - We show you our case study on how we generated $600 of income after employing this strategy. On top of that, we managed to get over 7000 new potential readers to that particular pen name! 


Reincarnation - bring that dead book back in a different form and let the profits flow again.


Repackage - the gift that keeps on giving! Use this strategy and profit again, again and again! Some of the nuggets we've created with this have generated over $20,000 in income! 


The amount of money that can be generated from these strategies is unreal. And you would think that the cost of this special report would be astronomical. It should be…but it won't be. 


But there is a way to make even more money - let's call it a bonus. 


We take you back to medieval Europe and introduce you to the Leeching method - designed to suck every last possible penny of profit out of your titles! 


What is the cost?


The best thing about this report is that can you read it in the morning and be profiting from it in the afternoon! There is no fluff, no BS, just hard actionable information! 


If you implement just ONE of the five strategies, it is almost impossible NOT to make money! 


Remember, the report shows a case study using the Lazarus method that generated over 600 dollars. This stuff works. 


The best thing about this report is that can you read it in the morning and be profiting from it in the afternoon! There is no fluff, no BS, just hard actionable information! 


We should charge more, and probably will for subsequent offerings of this report. 


But today you can get your hands of Book Resuscitation for just $17. 


Click below to secure your copy. 


I know that you are going to enjoy using the product and profiting from the ideas it contains. 

Speak soon. 

Neil Bakewell 
Author and Book Doctor

P.S. I know there wasn't a long "pitch" for this. 


If you have books (fiction or non-fiction) out in the marketplace and you want them to earn more money, then is something you shouldn't pass on. 


You aren't risking the family silver. If you pick up one little nugget, then this report will pay for itself time after time. 


There are no stupid gimmicks with this offer. I'm not limiting the number of copies available. I'm not bumping up the price after we have sold 10, none that crap. This special report contains implementable strategies that you can use TODAY. 


There are no "upsells" on the backend either. You'll get taken to the download screen to get your copy when you click the button below. 


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