Husband and Wife Kindle Publishers reveal their “Book Resuscitation” Secrets that continue to inject New Sales and Profits
into hundreds of dead or dying books

Hi, we’re Neil and Jen Bakewell, a couple of full-time Kindle publishers.

Today we’re introducing you to the secrets of book immortality...

Secrets that can breathe new life (and new sales) back into your books.

Secrets that produce new income for us, month after month after month.

Before that though, a bit of history…

Until a few years ago our books were most likely performing much the same as yours are now.

We were doing all the ‘right’ things but it was always the latest releases pulling in the bulk of the income. The older books were left gathering dust.

Looking at our catalogue we found that 10% of our books brought in 90% of our income.

That meant that 90% of our published books were dead or dying.

That was crazy to us! We’d invested precious time and money into our books… we couldn’t sit back and let them die.

Imagine you cut your arm and it became infected. Would you sit there as it got worse and worse? Ignoring the smell of rotting flesh until your arm dropped off? Of course not. No one in their right mind would.

Yet people do this with their books all the time. They become infected with different diseases and their sales start to slip. Then profits start to rot away until the book dies a slow, painful death.

Now this might sound like a book of yours. One that’s rotting away. Or lying stone cold dead in the ground.

You might be wondering whether it’s even too late to save it.

But we have good news...

Death of your book is NOT inevitable.

One day an idea struck us.

What if we found the secrets to breathe life back into our back catalogue and get it earning good money again?

Secrets to provide us with extra incomeWithout spending lots of time and money writing new books.

So we set out to discover the secrets of book immortality.

On our journey we learned that most of the advice you’ll find for free on blogs and forums is less than useless.

We found out most people don’t have a clue about how Kindle publishing works in the real world.

And we spent hours and hours testing different methods until we struck gold.

We discovered methods that worked for:

  • books of different lengths
  • books across various genres (both fiction and non-fiction) and
  • books that started out successful or that flopped on launch.

It was only by testing possible “resuscitation” methods on REAL books that we discovered these secrets.

Secret methods that ACTUALLY work to keep books “alive” and churning out profits, month after month after month.

Introducing Book Resuscitation Secrets

Proven ways to breathe new sales and new profits back into your Kindle books

In this special report you’ll discover five in-depth “book resuscitation” secrets. Secret methods you can put in place TODAY to produce more income from your existing books:

THE “CPR” METHODThe least “invasive” of all the methods and one you shouldn’t hesitate to use. Use this within two weeks of launch if your title doesn’t take off the way you’d planned!

THE “LAZARUS” METHOD (LITE)We share our case study on how we generated $600 of income using this method. Not only that, we attracted more than 7,000 potential new readers to that pen name!

THE “LAZARUS” METHOD (FULL-FAT)A super simple way to breathe new life back into existing books. This works especially well for non-fiction titles, but we’ve used it in fiction genres too.

THE “REINCARNATION” METHODSpecific ways to bring your book back from the dead and let the profits flow again. You can use this method time and time again. We used it no less than five times on one non-fiction title until we received the success we knew the book deserved.

THE “REPACKAGE” METHODThe gift that keeps on giving! Use this method to profit again, again and again! Some of the nuggets we’ve created with this method have generated over $20,000 in income!

BONUS: THE LEECHING METHODThis method inspired by medieval Europe will suck every last penny of profit out of your titles!

We also reveal:

  • The method we use to DOUBLE our books’ income in only 15 minutes

  • An often overlooked technique we use to bring old books back to life
  • How we use Amazon’s algorithms to ensure a healthy book for years to come

  • One simple tactic we use to 6x the income for some of our books

But we’re not finished there...

We want you to take action with these methods fast. So on 11th April 2018 at 7pm GMT we’re running a webinar with live Q&A.

On this webinar we’ll outline the training in more depth and you can ask questions about the content.

The webinar is strictly for people who’ve bought the report.

Can’t make it live? No problem. Questions can be submitted before and there’ll be a replay available to download after.

Inside Book Resuscitation Secrets are the same secret methods we’ve taught to a small group of select students. Secrets that can allow you to profit from this report the same day you read it.

There’s no fluff. No BS. Only simple, actionable methods that work.

Methods that work even if your book:

  • is making hardly any sales
  • is languishing in the depths of despair on the Amazon charts, or
  • has never done well to start with.

By implementing even ONE of these secrets it’s almost impossible NOT to make money!

Now you might think that to get these secrets you’ll need to invest at least $100.

In fact it’s less than half that.

At only $17 this report is a steal for the valuable secrets it contains.

Yet for Five Days we are reducing the investment to just $7! 

Every day these secret methods continue to pump extra money into our early retirement fund.

So what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy today for only $7, and enjoy a $10 discount and start using the “book resuscitation” secrets we use to extract maximum profits from all our books.


Neil and Jen Bakewell

Normal price $17

P.S. If you’re still wondering whether Book Resuscitation Secrets is right for you, read on...

What if I only have one or two books that haven’t done very well?

Granted, your back catalogue might not be as extensive as ours. We mainly publish short read fiction and have 400+ books! But that doesn’t mean these methods won’t work for you too. We apply them to single books and collections all the time, as do our students.

What if I change my mind, can I get a refund?

We operate a no refunds policy. The training we provide is top quality, packed with value and proven to work in the real world. We’ve tested these methods on our books and our students’ books. If you’re not willing to take action and aren’t comfortable with our no refunds policy, then please don’t buy.

P.P.S. If you’re ready to discover how to breathe new life, new sales and new profits back into your Kindle books, click here to get your copy of Book Resuscitation Secrets now for only $7

Neil and Jen Bakewell have been publishing full time on Kindle for three years.  They normally work with a small group of select students and access to their ideas and methods was limited. In 2018 they are opening up their training systems to more people. These systems are for those that are serious about making money from self-publishing. They aren’t “push button” schemes for “quick cash”. In short you will need to work with any training they produce!

We operate a no refunds policy. The training we provide is always top quality and packed with value. Action will need to be taken in order to profit from it. If you are not comfortable with this policy then please do not buy.