Are you seeing others succeed on Kindle but you can’t seem to get the results that you deserve? 

In less than eight weeks you can get a book published on Amazon that you KNOW will sell!

And the best part is that I will hold your hand every step of the way so their is no way you can go wrong.

Dear Aspiring Successful Kindle Publisher, 

My name is Neil Bakewell and I’ve been publishing on Kindle since 2012. Last year myself and my wife earned $161,700 from our books by using our simple kindle publishing system. This is the same system that we have taught to hundreds of students that has enabled them to quit jobs, buy holiday homes, RV's and generally have more freedom in their lives. If it works for them, I feel it will work for you as well. 

I suffered failure after failure, serving up the same turgid stuff time after time in different guises.

I spent two years publishing on kindle without seeing any REAL results. Some books I wrote would sell whereas others would struggle to shift three or four copies. it was strange because the books I was publishing were all in a similar mould.  I was so frustrated because I could see other people having success with kindle, and the fact that some of my books did sell proved that it was possible. After two years of graft, a good month was hitting just over a thousand dollars. This was certainly not the life changing income I was seeking. It wasn’t even vaguely close to “job killing’ income. 

Quite simply, I was stuck in a rut and going no-where.

Each book I released I was taking a “publish and pray” approach - I had no system to success. 

I purchased "solution" after “solution” which proclaimed to give me the answer; everything from cookbooks to colouring books, journals to how-to-guides. Guess what? These books didn’t work either, in many of the cases they performed worse that what I was already putting out there. Because I had no real money to re-invest I was cutting corders where I could. Books would go out un-edited and when the person that is writing them is dyslexic that is never a shortcut to success. I would design the covers myself on paint, despite having no graphical design ability at all. Guess what? Crap covers and books littered with errors did little to help my success.

Two years into my publishing journey this is where I was positioned:  

  • I used to publishing without any research, any system, any promotion or any idea if the book would sell or not. As a result, I was serving up failure after failure after failure.
  • I was publishing unedited books because I had no money to pay someone to do it.
  • I was publishing books with awful, amateur homemade covers as I couldn’t afford a professional designer. 
  • I used to lack the motivation to get projects finished and published in case I failed again.
  • I was having to travel more and work longer hours to actually met the costs of publishing. The publishing SHOULD have been paying for me to do less work, not more.  

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you? I guess they probably do. 

Then I got real lucky!

Everything I had been publishing so far on kindle could be categorised as non-fiction. After all, these were the type of books that all the kindle  gurus told me to publish. As luck would have it i stumbled over someone who had achieved some success with fiction. To this day I have no idea now this guy appeared in my Inbox. 

When I started publishing fiction, then things started to change for me pretty quickly. Let’s be clear we aren’t talking about huge novels pushing for booker prizes. We are talking about short, formulaic stories that you might find in cheap magazines. Pulp fiction, that is read, enjoyed and discarded. These stories are often in weird little genres that you wouldn’t even think were out there. Again, we aren’t talking mainstream crime thrillers, we certainly aren’t talking erotica either (just so you are clear!)

Now, as opposed to “publishing and praying” I was releasing books KNOWING that if I promoted them (with my budget of $30) these books would sell…and sell like hotcakes. The second fiction story I ever wrote hit number one in its category and stayed there for weeks. 

After then I never looked back. As opposed to writing everything myself, instead I was engaging ghostwriters for minimal money and giving them my formula for writing the books. With this approach I was quickly able to scale the business. 

Even writing this today, I still can’t get over that after two years of hard graft I had stumbled on the perfect kindle money making system purely by chance. 

Why does fiction work so well for indie-publishers?

Firstly if you look at the top 100 best selling titles on Amazon, you will see that only 8 to 12% of them are non-fiction titles. Therefore, this means that a massive 88 to 92% are fiction. Fiction is where the big money is. 

  • You will find researching these genres to find our what the readers want very easy.
  • You can turn this research into a simple formula to follow for each and every book you write
  • Because these stories are so short you will never lose the motivation to finish them because they don’t take long to write. 
  • As these books actually make money, you can afford to hire editors and cover designers, which make your book more appealing and results in more sales.
  • As the stories are so forumulaic you can easily outsource to a low cost ghostwriter allowing you scale your business quickly and give you greater freedom in your life. 

When I switched from non-fiction to fiction EVERYTHING changed for me!

Over the last few years people have been taking our system and implementing it for themselves and getting unbelievable results. 

This student’s story is mind blowing…

This is the story of how I went from earning practically zero to making $574,281.32 in less than three years from kindle books.

It was a lucky accident really. I signed up for some training and was introduced to a man called Neil Bakewell. Neil was writing tiny little books that were making amazing money. From that moment I followed everything Neil did. I wrote quickly, I read books in the genre and I emulated the style that Neil was writing. In essence I copied his formula as much as I could.

The success this has brought me has been amazing and totally life changing. During that time I spent over a year caring for my mum as she battled with cancer as well as helping to run two businesses. Despite this my income grew and grew. I remember a time when I was asked what income I was aiming for, I was earning around $5000 a month while still caring for mum and said I was very happy with that. How things change. My biggest month was last month at $33,093.64.

If you want to make money from kindle will it be easy? No, you will have to work and work hard but anyone can find the time. If I did, I know you can. All you need to do is work hard, be consistent and most of all follow the training to the letter. If you are not sure ask Neil or Jen, they will hate me for saying it, but they really are amazing.

Kindle Kickstarter 2.0

I want to tell you about my exciting new Kindle Kickstarter 2.0 week hand-holding coaching program. 

Over 8 weeks of live group coaching I will introduce my big money from little books system and myself and my team will personally help you implement it so that at the end of the program you are guaranteed to have a book published that will actually sell. 

For the first time the coaching will take place over two live calls each week.  Call One - Teaching  Call Two -Live Support Call - anything you need! Thats over 16 hours of live training from me. 

The course begins on Tuesday 21st August for eight weeks. 

Live Call Week One: Selecting a Viable Genre

- The biggest mistake that people make is publishing what they want, not what sells!

- Learning and implementing my genre selection system prevents you making this common mistake.

- You’ll get a set of criteria to judge if a genre is too competitive which means you’ll avoid publishing in a genre where your book will be swallowed up and never seen.

- You’ll get a set of criteria to judge if a genre has “depth” to it, so you can be assured that that their are sufficient buyers purchasing books in this genre. 

-You’ll learn about the simple, but essential check you must make to ensure that your book will sell.

- You’ll leave the session knowing how to identify the genres that give you the greatest opportunities whilst avoiding those that are duds. 

HOMEWORK - You will implement my system and select a genre that you will publish in. You’ll submit your work so that I PERSONALLY check it before the next session. This gives you assurance that you are moving forward in a genre that is going to work! 

Live Call Week Two: Modelling the Genre and Generating a Template

- You will learn to understand what readers demand in your chosen genre, ensuring that you give them what you want. 

-You learn simple system to identify the most popular plot themes in your genre, so your book is as appealing as possible to the readership

- You’ll understand how to identify the “must have” components of books in your genre so readers aren’t left disappointed.

- You’ll learn how to link all of this information to produce a formulaic template that you can use time and time again to generate stories, ensuring you save time and the readers get what they want. 

HOMEWORK - You’ll model the best selling books in YOUR genre and construct your own template that you can follow time after time after time.  I will PERSONALLY review your template and offer critique on it where needed. 

Live Call Week Three: Plotting / Ghostwriter Hiring

- Plotting out stories seems to be one of the BIG problems that many students face. My system prevents many of the pitfalls of plotting. 

- You will learn about the simple 3 act plotting system which ensures that you quickly and painlessly get the spine of your story down on paper

- You will understand how to tie this back to the key elements of your genre so that readers are left fulfilled after reading your finished story

- You will then understand how to expand your 3 act plot to fit your template so that either you can write the story quickly or pass it over to a ghostwriter to complete

- If you are planning on using ghostwriters as opposing to writing yourself you learn about how to construct adverts that attract quality writers and the simple trick that will double the number of applicants. We will provide advert templates so that you can copy and paste to your own circumstance. 

HOMEWORK- You will create 10 quick simple 3 act plots for different stories within your genre and then expand the three best to full plots to fit your template. 

Live Call Week Four:  Writing quickly and effectively / ghostwriter management 

- You will learn a range of simple techniques for writing quickly and effectively so that your story is completed in record time

- You will understand why you MUST schedule “writing time” each day and never make excuses to miss a session so that your books are ready to go to market as soon as possible. 

- You will learn the Number One secret to quickly producing your first draft so that you are able to  get more books to market each and every month and therefore earn more than ever before.  

- If you are using a ghostwriter you will learn how to engage them and then manage them so that they deliver quality work on time, enabling you to spend your time doing other things. 

HOMEWORK - You will either write your story everyday for one hour, or ensure that your ghostwriter delivers  7000 words. My team will be on hand to provide support where needed. 

Live Call Week Five - Title and Cover Modelling plus Critical Aspects

- The title is the most critical aspect regarding if a book succeeds or not. You will learn how to model the best-selling titles in your genre so that the readers immediately know that your book is for them!- Never judge a book by its cover - of course, people do just that. We will look at the aspects of the covers of the best selling books in your genre so that it screams attention and gets more sales. 

- You will learn some of the critical aspects of successful publishing such as keywords so that your book appears when people search for specific terms related to your genres. 

- You will learn the laddering technique and how to move your book around categories to gain greater visibility and more sales 

HOMEWORK - You will continue to write your story or manage your ghostwriter plus come up with your title, cover concept and keywords. 

Live Call Week Six - Publish 

- You will learn a step-by-step system for ensuring that your book is formatted correctly before attempting publication so that your readers can enjoy the reading experience without formatting distractions 

- You will understand the value of back matter and how to “tell” your readers what to do AFTER they finished reading your book so that you get more sales with no extra work. 

- You will learn how to construct a mailing list and put the sign up details in your book so that you can start to gather readers from the word go. 

- You will watch me publish a book of my own so that you can see how the process works so that you don’t make any mistakes. 

HOMEWORK - You will finish your second draft and send your piece off for editing and finalise your cover design. 

Live Call Week Seven - Promotion 

- You will learn how to set up an author page on Facebook so that you can run adverts

- You will learn how to run your first adverts and optimise for lower costs and higher engagement 

- You will learn the three essential elements that must be present in any Facebook advert for it to be effective. 

- You will also learn how to set up adverts in the “secret” advert platform that hardly anyone knows about. 

- You learn why speed is important when it comes to promotion and why quickly pushing your book up the sales ranking will cause Amazon to take notice and actually help you promote. 

HOMEWORK - You will publish and promote your book. Support will be on hand from my team in case of problems 

Live Call Week Eight - Your 3 Month Plan

- Readers love authors with lots of books, you need to construct a plan to serve those readers

- You will learn about publishing schedules to ensure that momentum is never lost. 

- You will learn about the goldmine that you can tap into at will to profit time and time again. 

Homework -you will create your own three month publishing plan so that you how to drive your business forward over the next quarter. Then you will send it for my personal review


- throughout the program there will be a Facebook support group where you can ask any questions direct of me and my team. 

-You will report your progress weekly to the group, thus providing an unrivalled accountability network. 



This Hand Holding Coaching Program is strictly limited in number. This is because of my personal input into this training. Because of that you understand that this isn't just a throw away investment. 

But don’t worry, the investment is going to be less than you think. But that is simply because this is the first time I am teaching this program in this format. When we run this program again this low price wouldn’t be available again. 

The bonuse  i am including for this intake of students is also strictly limited and you will understand why that has to be the case in a moment. 

The price I’m going to be offering this at is much lower than people have recommended that I set this at. 

If you got me to teach this to you one to one the cost would be much higher, if I was even available! My mentoring schedule is pretty full at present. 

If you went your own way and tried to do this by trial and error the cost in lost time, money and sanity would be higher still and you might still get zero results. 

For this intake of Students I am including the following bonuses - these are likely not to be included on the next intake. 

Editing Service - as opposed to you having to find, recruit and pay someone to edit your finished book, you will simply send it over to me and my team will handle that for you. You will get back a fully edited document ready to be formatted and published, all with no stress and no hassle on your part.  

Cover Design and Graphics Service  - A great cover, appropriate to your genre, is essential. Let me take away the worry and hassle of having to recruit a cover designer by letting you use mine! Again, send your cover concept over to me and then my team will create an awesome cover for you that will grab attention. In addition to the cover you will also receive images for audiobook, Instagram and Facebook adverts and posts. 

FB PIXEL and Custom Audience Training For Authors - it is never too soon to learn about these awesome tools for reaching the people MOST interested in your books. This is my complete mini-course on the subject. 

BOOKBUB ADVERT TRAINING - The beauty of this platform is that it targets purely fiction readers! Using this platform for promotion can seriously accelerate your results. This is my complete training on the platform, previously only available to my highest level mastermind. 

I am obviously interested - what is the investment? 

You are keen to get on board. I understand that, but bare with me a minute. 

I have to make it very clear that spaces ARE strictly limited. There is a significant amount of PERSONAL time invested by both me and quite a number of my team. I simply have to limit the intake to ensure that we don’t get overwhelmed and can serve everyone effectively. So, there will ONLY be a maximum of twenty people on this intake. I’m sure it is pretty obvious why we have to limit numbers and I’m sure you understand. 

I charge between £250 and £350  a hour for my time, depending on what I’m doing. If you got me to consult with you on all of this  one-to-one the cost would be in the region of £5000 to £7500

This is the foundation stone on which your kindle business is going to built (or re-started) you have already seen some of the amazing results that could be achieved. You’ve read about our student that went from almost zero to making $574, 281 in less than three years. Obviously, you aren’t going to make that sort of number overnight, but you have to start somewhere. All of our students start with these first steps and you can see the results they achieved

This is the first time that i am running this program in this format with all of the personal hand-holding elements and the additional support call each week. After this first intake, and the results that these guys coming on board are going to get, I am going to have to raise the price and probably lose some of those awesome done for you bonuses because of the sheer numbers of people who want to come on board. 

So if you are the sort of person that likes to jump on an opportunity and wants a unbelievable deal, then this special “first intake” pricing is for you. 

If you leap onboard this offer today you won’t be paying me £5000

You won’t pay £2500 

You won’t event pay £1500

Today, including all of the done for you bonuses, you will pay just £995

The risk is 100% on me

I’m so confident that this will work for you I’m going to shoulder the risk. You can take the full course with me and if you follow all of the training I present to you and still don’t manage to get a book released that I will refund you in full. There is nothing to lose.

It is only fair to remind you that only 20 spaces are available on this course.

The only way that you can secure your place is to take action now, with such a limited intake there is no guarantee on how long this course will remain open for. At any point we could reach capacity and you could be shut out and forced to wait six months plus until I run the next one. 


Teaching Call One - Tuesday 21st August 2018 at 8pm UK TIME

Suport Call One - Sunday 26th August 2018 at 8pm UK TIME 

And then every Tuesday and Sunday for a further seven weeks. All calls at 8pm UK Time. 

Remember - All calls are recorded so you don't have to be on each call live 

What do our students say?

What a fortuitous day it was when I came upon Neil and Jen Bakewell and the amazing publishing programs and products they offer. At the time, I had been writing voraciously, publishing often, marketing the best I knew how, and then waiting … and waiting … and waiting for the sales. (This had been going on for a few years, actually.) Many of you will know exactly what I mean. I’d gotten some great reviews from the few sales I did make, but still the volume was simply not there. I remember thinking that a handful of sales a week was good! Well, no more. After working with the Bakewells and following their advice religiously, my writing career has done a complete turn-around. So much so that I resigned from my day job. So much so that I bought a small vacation condo overseas with my writing proceeds. So much so that I am now location-independent and can earn my living anywhere. And now, I consider Neil and Jen not only my mentors, but my friends. I can heartily and completely recommend anything they produce. They’re the real deal.

 Brenda Maxfield

After some one on one coaching from them my business has turned around quite dramatically. If I hit $30 on a day, I was doing well. Yesterda,y after just one short month of their coaching, I have just hit $200 on the 13 June 2017, and every day for the last two weeks the daily figure has been growing the current day being better than the day before. As I write this, I am already on $90 by 12 noon, another record!

Stephen Jones

Neil and Jen’s method work. Even though I had tried my hand at one fiction genre and two non-fiction niche books I had no success until I implemented their method the way it was outlined in their training. I followed it precisely and held my breath. The first three books all made it to best sellers in their category,. Two of them stayed in it long enough to earn best seller stickers and my #1 book got knocked down a peg – by one of my other books.  All three made it to the hot new sellers list several times. At one point, they were all sitting at number 1, 2 and 3. It was exciting to see.  Now I know that if you do it right, it works.

Glenda Keal 

With Neil’s expert guidance, encouragement and no-nonsense approach I went from earning around £400/month to £7,000/month, a year later. I could never have achieved this by myself. After you’ve been at it for a while you can’t see the forest for the tree. God is in the details! Without a mentor to guide you step by step, you can so easily miss that little tweak that would have made the difference in your earnings potential. 

Gabriella Richard

"Working with Neil and Jen for the past two years has been a turning point for me and my self publishing business. Their no nonsense, can do, and keep things simple strategies have resulted in many 10k+ months for me. Last month alone delivered $16,887 in royalties from short read publications to Kindle. I have no hesitation in recommending their training. Obviously no guarantees can be made, but in my experience, if you put the work in (yes, you will need to work, sometimes very hard!) and follow the process, you will see results!"

David Martin

For anyone out there considering latching on to Neil & Jen’s training methods–I heartily encourage you to take the plunge! I’m so glad I did! I’ve been fortunate enough to be working them for the past few months and my publishing business has exploded! Once I started following Neil & Jen’s programs (and ignoring every other little piece of training offered to me daily) my publishing business took off! In about 10 months I’ve gone from 2K per month to 6K+, and I feel I’m just getting started. 

John Luross

Here is what you get when you join Kindle Kickstarter 2.0 today

Live Call Week One: Selecting a Viable Genre

Live Call Week Two: Modelling the Genre and Generating a Template 

Live Call Week Three: Plotting / Ghostwriter Hiring

Live Call Week Four:  Writing quickly and effectively / ghostwriter Management 

Live Call Week Five - Title and Cover Modelling plus Critical Aspects 

Live Call Week Six - Publish

Live Call Week Seven - Promotion 

Live Call Week Eight - Your Three Month Plan

Plus the eight ONE HOUR support calls on a Sunday night

Plus all of the personal coaching elements from myself so you can’t go wrong

Plus the Facebook coaching group to ask questions and get accountability

Plus all of the recordings to watch again at your convenience  

 Then there are the awesome bonuses designed to free up your time and to accelerate your results

 Done for You Editing Service

Done for You Cover Design Service

FB Pixel and Custom Audience Training For Authors

Secret Advert Platform Training

The maximum number of students on this course is just 20 people 

The opportunity of working on your book with your hand being held through the process so you can’t go wrong is one too good to miss, I understand that.

 Rarely does the chance come around that I personally help people publish their books to ensure that they can’t fail. You’ve seen the results that my students get. It is all about taking that first step or re-starting on the right path.

 So if you want to be in on this intake of twenty students you have to act now.

It is, has been a pleasure to talk to you today and I look forward to welcoming you on Kindle Kickstarter and to help begin your journey to success.

 Neil Bakewell

PS Ask yourself what will happen if you don’t join me on Kindle Kickstarter 2.0.

 Will you still be struggling to publish books that actually sell? Will you be wasting time, energy and money on books are simply never going to work? Will you be closer to quitting that job and having more freedom than ever before or will you wake up each Monday with a sense of dread?

 Don’t let that happen to you by missing out on this because others were quicker to grab the limited spaces. Don’t regret it in eight weeks time, when you know you COULD have had a book online on Amazon and selling or at the start of the year when the price is more expensive and the done for you option are removed.