You have just made a genius move in securing your seat on Kindle Kickstarter 2.0.

Very soon you’ll be getting a personal message from myself welcoming you on the course and giving you some tips on what you can be doing to prepare between now and the 21st August.

However, if I may, there is one (well actually two) further opportunity I want to highlight to you.

.As know one of the bonuses you have already secured is getting your first book edited and all the cover graphics designed for you! 

This is a considerable time, energy and cost saver and it ensures that your book will be its best. It is essential to ensure that you book is  edited as there nothing that will kill your sales quicker than a string of bad reviews about a lack of editing.​

A great cover is also essential.

Without this, your book won’t even sell in the first place.

You’ll learn in the course then when you launch it is best to get THREE books out into the marketplace as quickly as possible (I’ll explain why on the sessions.)

So, I’m offering you the opportunity to get your next two books edited by our editor AND have all of the graphics (cover, Instagram, Facebook advert and Audio cover) designed by our team.

I can’t give this premium option to everyone, as my team would be tied up for weeks working on other people’s books.

 But we can offer this to 6 people.

In addition to the above, those that upgrade to premium will also get a personal one-to-one 45-minute session with me. You can use this at any point, six months after the end of the course! This is like gold dust, I rarely offer personal one off sessions, but you I'll do just that. 

Then there is just one more option to consider….

I am offering you the chance to get your hands on 12 genre breakdowns over the next 18 months.

My genre breakdown trainings are legendary. I take a genre and break down all of the critical elements for success.

 These pieces of training are generally around 20 videos in length, and they tell you everything that you need to do to profit from publishing in those genres. You will get your hands on four of them as soon as you finish the course. Sports Romance, Sea Adventures, Gothic Romance and Classic Westerns.

I sell each of these trainings at around £250. So that is £3000 of training.

In addition if you get Premium Plus, then I will also give you access to the full 12-month mastermind I ran in 2017 called Kindle Top Gun. There are literally hours and hours of training in there - hundreds. This also includes five genre breakdowns. People paid £1700 for that mastermind alone.

Plus you get every from Premium as well.

There is over £5000 of extra value here.

Today it is yours for just £2000. 

This is the option for those that want everything and to become fully emersed in my world of profitable publishing.