Breaking Rules

Some people are born for breaking the rules.

 I’m married to one for sure! A 'don’t stand on the grass" sign? Jen is the first to feel the green stuff between her toes.

 Rules can be useful, but you have to understand which ones to stick to.

 Obviously, you have to adhere to legal rules, but there are plenty of "rules" that are unwritten that people seem to believe! They think this is how the game is played.

In business, we have always broken the "unwritten" rules.

When we ran our care agency we ripped up the standard pricing structure for care agencies and did our own thing; a thing that attracted customers!

We also did something that no-one else did for whatever reason…promote and market our business!

 Hey, guess what? It worked!

Now in self-publishing, we break the standard rules of publishing.

Short books.


 Cranked out at lightning speeds.

 We also dirty our hands with the horrible business of promotion.

Believe it or not the vast majority of self-publishers STILL don’t do this. They follow the old RULES.

The majority are still entering the market with 80,000 to 100,000-word books in very competitive genres or genres where no research has been done.

People that want to write don’t want to promote. So many simply avoid it.

 Facebook adverts are getting more and more awareness, but still very few people actually embrace them and take action; even fewer do it right and so give up the “stupid idea.”

 In other words, if you embrace our ideas, then you are already ahead of the curve. Way ahead!

You are a rule breaker; a rebel - enjoy it.

But just don’t get your fingers on the £475,000 Ming Vase just because it has a ‘Don’t Touch” sign on it. 

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