Don’t ignore the hype!

Always be on the lookout for promotional opportunities!

They can appear at almost any moment!

 Take the Laurel or Yanny audio debate that is currently taking the internet by storm as an example (even the White House released a video about it).

Say you had the main character in one of your books called Laurel, then you could leap all over this with a series of emails to your lists, adverts on Facebook or even try to get yourself a little bit of free press!

The opportunities are almost endless.

The same is true if you have characters called Harry or Meghan! Cash in on the royal wedding hype!

There are opportunities at every turn if you look hard enough.

 A few years ago I did some promotions of a book on the back of the Ebola crises. Bad news often sells better than good news! So don’t be afraid to link in with more serious subject matter.

With events like the Royal wedding, you can plan weeks, even months in advance. You can have Kindle countdown deals running or even new launches scheduled on the back of it.

When news stories surface then you have to be quick and ride the opportunity as it occurs.

It is also possible to promote books on the back of popular films, tv or even books by established mainstream publishers. You have to find the link between the popular “thing” or your “thing”.

To many people ignore significant events and as a result, they get left behind.

Don’t be one of those people.

Always be looking for opportunities, always be looking to promote. 

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