Just another brick in the wall!

NOT a Prog Rock based post! 

People look at the sort of results that we and some of our students get and we get met with responses along these lines:

 “OMG, I’m never going to be able to achieve those sort of figures!"

The answer we gave was simple and worthy of a blog post!

If you start looking at significant challenges as a whole YES they are going to look impossible.​

If you are are doing £1000 a month at present then £45,000 in a quarter seems a long, long way away. We get it!​

But you have to understand that those numbers weren't built in a day. Not a month. Not even a year.​

Self-pubishing is a “Littles” business​

I used to work in the pump industry selling pump parts to Iran, Iraq and Libya (all the holiday hotspots!)

The office had about fifteen guys in it; fourteen of them sold the new pumps for new projects often at two or three million plus per project. I would sell gaskets, impeller nuts, for a few hundred, maybe a new impeller or shaft for a few thousand.

 I was the new boy doing the “crap” job, selling the “shite” that no one else wanted to touch.

However, the other guys would often sell just one or two projects a year.

 I, on the other hand, would sell lots of stuff every DAY.

My final year in that business I sold millions and millions of pounds worth of spare parts.

The beauty was that it was the spare parts that held the profit. The projects were often priced at cost to get the spare parts on the back end. The new boy who was doing the “crap job” was actually keeping the company afloat.

Spare parts was a “littles” business.

But “littles” businesses can have one hell of an impact on the bottom line when you do things consistently. 

Every new book you publish is just another brick in the wall.

That is the ONLY way you can look at it.

 It is another asset, another tool in helping you achieve your aims.

 If you look at building the whole wall as a chunk, it is easy to become overwhelmed and decide its impossible.

 Even if that brick doesn’t make you money.

 You learnt something from the process.

It is another brick on which to place the next one! Just focus on the next brick. Once that brick is in place, then get the next one out.

Brick after brick after brick.​

Little by little.

 Day after day.


Then you’ll have a built a business my friends. 

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