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Our monthly membership program. Providing weekly training, live webinars and live Q+A sessions. Regular group promotion opportunities. Plus access to our exclusive Facebook group with accountability, support and access to Neil and Jen. Suitable for all levels of author / publisher. 

The ideal place to start if you are new to short-read fiction or our methodology. This training outlines everything you need to do to successfully publish short-read fiction and add consistent profits to the bottom line of your business. Suitable for newbies and experienced publishers unfamiliar with our system. 

Our one-to one-mentoring Packages normally last for a period of twelve months and are for those who prefer "handholding" and close support. Mentoring packages include membership of Indie Publishing Masters and a complete cover design service. 


It was with Genre Breakdowns we first carved our reputation. We break genres down to their core components so you publish books with the key elements that readers expect and you create eye catching covers, compelling blurbs to encourage sales. Then we show you the best routes for promotion for that particular genre! 

Crumbling mansions, windswept moors and wives locked in attics! Sexy vampires and brooding Lords are aplenty with Gothic Romance. 

A sun kissed beach, the waves gently lapping at the shore are hardly the place you'll expect to find murder and crime. But you'd be surprised! 

Arrogant footballers and  sweaty hockey players are aplenty with Sports Romance. Two routes to follow, Hot and Steamy or Clean and Wholesome. 


Do you need high quality, affordable covers? Then look no further! Join the Indie Cover Club. 

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