Pandemic Growth Challenge


Greetings "Master."

As you know we starting our Pandemic Growth Challenge 

It will run from 1st September through to the 31st December - 121 Blissful Days.


In this video I explain a brief outline of the concept plus what is going to happen over the next two weeks. 


You don't want to listen to me drone on for 15 minutes? The slides are below. Click on them and they open up in a new window. 

Key points 

Two aspects

1. Growth 

2. "Pandemic Proof" - remove risk. 

You set your own goals based on where you are in your journey

It isn't about working 24 hours a day - you need RandR time - but there is no time like NOW to put effort into this business. 

Next week is "planning week" (31st to 4th) there will be a series of videos to help you plan your challenge. At the end the idea is that you have something to work to, as opposed to "Do as much as I can and make as much money as I can." 

7th to 11th is Sprint Week we start off with a BANG and aim to do "A months worth of productive work" in a week.

Planning Week

Day 1

NOTE: I'm unsure of the settings on the spreadsheet - DOWNLOAD or COPY the spreadsheet before you start making changes otherwise you will change it for everyone! 

Key points from Day 1 including tasks:

Today is about understanding where you are now


1. Undertake a book audit by pen names

2. Highlight quick wins 

3. Workout longer terms wins 

Day 2

Key points from Day 2 including tasks:

Today is about looking at risks. 


1. Identify all of your income streams in your life (treat each pen name as a different income stream) 

2. What would happen if you lost 1, 2 or 3 of those income streams. 

3. How many more income streams do you want to add? 

4. Identify all of the potential risks to each income stream.

5. Ignore the ones you can't do anything about.

6. Identify all of the potential risks to your lifestyle 

7. Ignore the ones you can't do anything about 

8. Highlight ways to reduce each of those risks 

9. Put on to do list for next week the steps needed to reduce the BIGGEST risk to  your income and lifestyle 

Day 3

Key points from Day 3 including tasks:

There are 3 ways to grow your business

1 . Sell more of each book / more page reads of each book 

  1. Release more frequently 

  1. Increase the price of the sale 


    Can you increase the length of your books slightly? (20% to 50%)

    Can you release more frequently? 

    Can you start another pen name? 

    Can you start another genre ?

Day 4

Key points from Day 4 including tasks:

It's Christmas! 

The basic rule is release MORE than you normally would (some exceptions) 


Schedule Out Your Christmas Releases 

Day 5

Key points from Day 5 including tasks:

Today is about putting it all together and creating a plan. 


Add in your fun stuff first 
Plan Sprint Week (next week) 
Add in your Christmas schedule 
Build the rest of your plan around it. 

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