Speed! Speed! Speed!

You may have seen on our FB page we recently had a fire alarm in a hotel we were staying in.

 In an emergency situation speed is essential.

Get out of the hotel and stay out.

I had to encourage Jen to get moving…(I mean I swear I thought she was going to apply lipstick at one point!!!)

Even though I thought we could have moved quicker, there were still people strolling out of the hotel a good five minutes after we evacuated. If the emergency had proved to be real, these guys could have been dead.

Speed is important. We put a lot of our success down to speed.

We publish books quickly; we don’t focus on perfection, we focus on getting books to market quickly.

 When books go live on Amazon, we have emails and adverts in place within minutes.


 Not hours.

Sure as hell not days.

 We move quickly.

Try to treat your business as an emergency situation - you have to get that book out, quickly.

When that one is done get the next one out!!

Speed, Speed, Speed.

Every book you release is another brick in that wall.

The more books you have, the more you can do in terms of free promotions, kindle countdown deals and box sets. Speed has allowed that wall to be built quickly.

But if you are dithering and not caring that the fire alarm has gone off eventually, you’ll be caught out!

All of those people that acted as though it was an emergency situation will be ahead of you in the queue!

Time is ticking - it can’t be stopped. What you do with it is your choice. 

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