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Welcome to Indie Publishing Masters!

Finally, you’ve found us, and we couldn’t be happier!

We are Neil and Jen, a husband and wife team, who help others replicate our success with self-publishing.

 The vast majority of our self-publishing income comes from short read fiction (although not exclusively), and we have had 34 #1 best-selling books in a range of different fiction genres.

 If you have tried self-publishing before, but not had the success you deserve or if you are completely fresh to the whole idea, then you’ve found your “home.”

 Our focus is profiting from self-publishing NOT on creating an award-winning piece of literature.

Our methods work (see our student success stories), it takes work and consistency. Anyone looking for push-button processes or gaming the system then this isn’t for you!

If you aren’t adverse to a little bit of work, then this is the route for you.

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Why short-read fiction?

We could write a piece that is longer than some of our books about this, but we will focus on the principal points!

The Casino Analogy.

You could walk into any casino in the world with one-hundred pounds.

You could put your one hundred pounds on a single number. When the wheel stops spinning you could find that you have hit gold. 

However, the chances of that happening are minimal. More than likely you’ll walk away with nothing.

You could take that same one hundred pounds and split it up into ten little piles of ten pounds.

These could be placed on ten different numbers. 

You stand a much higher chance of winning with this approach!

Okay, you won’t win as much as the first approach, but the chances of actually winning and walking away with a profit are much higher.

If you convert that idea back to a one-hundred thousand word book. You have either spent a lot of time and heartache on writing that book or spent a lot of money on getting it ghost-written. When you publish it what is going to happen? Unfortunately, the statistics show that more than likely your book will sink without a trace.

What you could do instead is produce ten, ten-thousand-word pieces.

That would be the same amount of time or money investment. You then have ten chances of your book doing well, and there are ten times as many opportunities for you to get eyeballs on those books. One sale could easily result in nine more as readers purchase the rest of your catalogue.

You reduce the risk and stack the deck in your favour!

Other reasons.

 People’s attention span is getting shorter. People love the fact that they can read a whole story in an hour or two before bed. Most people aren’t looking for high brow fiction; they are looking for escapism from their daily lives; they are looking to be entertained.

Amazon (we only publish on Amazon) have specific short read charts where short-reads can be specifically found. If Amazon have created a chart specifically for short reads then you know they are popular!

Top name authors are releasing short reads. Mainstream authors are picking up this idea of short read books. John Grisham and Alison Weir are just two well know names to publish short fiction. If the major publishing houses are supporting the idea, then you know these books sell!

Amazon offers readers a chance to buy a Kindle Unlimited subscription. With this, as you might guess, people can sign up to read as many Kindle books in the program as they wish. As people have the Kindle unlimited subscription, they are happy if your book is only a few hours read. They can download and read another tomorrow night for no extra cost. You are rewarded very handsomely for your participation.

 Short-read isn’t going away.

Readers love it and Amazon actively promote it. You can write books in a matter of days as opposed to months!

Why wouldn’t you start using our methods?

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