Have a single plot critiqued and improved by a storyteller with 49 Number One bestselling books to their name...me!

I decided to reduce the number of plots, to help more people and to make the cost lower 


Dear friend, 

It’s been quite the week…although it’s 2020, what can you expect?

You’ve been reading about my plot critique service and how I can help get your plots sharpened up ready to profit from the lucrative Christmas season. 

You understand the advantages of having me in your corner to advise you from my years of experience. 

There is good news, and there is bad news. 

The bad news is that all of the places are now gone on the plot critique service I offered at the start of the week. 

I’m not surprised. There were just four packages available, and my list is now 600 strong (although some people, like you, are way more active than others.) 

The good news is that I have managed to re-jig my schedule a little and I have created slightly more room. 

So I can re-open this service…but with a slight change. 

What is the new offer? 

I want to be able to help more people. 

So instead of offering a package of 4 plots to be critiqued, this time it is for just a single plot. 

One single plot and one single critique. 

It will be delivered via video as per the previous offer. 

How can this help you? 

I saw you read the offer earlier in the week, but you didn’t purchase. 

That was probably because of one of two reasons. 

It was sold out by the time you got to read the offer. 


The cost was a little high for you at this point. 

By reducing the offer to a single plot - I have time to help five more people as opposed to just one additional person. 

As I am only offering a single critique, the cost is going to come down. 

You can take advantage of me, right here, right now…for just $147. 

How many are available.  

There are just five places available, and as before, I expect them to be taken quickly. 

Paypal has been set up so that when all five places are sold, you won’t be able to complete the transaction and you will be taken to a sold-out page - sorry if that is going to happen to you. 

This is a once-only offer. 

It’s a one chance, one opportunity kind of thing. 

Any other catches or changes? 

Just one - I’m going to ask for TWO WEEKS to submit your critique. 

If I don’t do this, I’ll be doing Nine Critiques in a week, and my sharpness and energy will be flat. 

This way, I can spread out these additional critiques over two weeks, so I don’t become overwhelmed. 

That’s it. 

You still get the benefit of my years in the trenches learning what works and what doesn’t. 

You still get the certainty that your plot is the best it can be. 

But with limited places, you will have to be quick. Click the buy now button below to take advantage of me…


I hope you are excited as I am about how I can help you and your new book achieve the sales it deserves. 

Stay safe 

Neil Bakewell 


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