Warning for authors and publishers:

What happens if the plot you have just constructed doesn't hit the mark? What if it doesn't match your readers' expectations? Will you have wasted your time writing this story before you even start? 

Have your plots critiqued and improved by a storyteller with 49 Number One bestselling books to their name. 

Get your story ideas polished and sharpened ready to rake in the $$$$ over the insane Christmas publishing season. 


Dear fellow Indie-Publisher

Making money with writing and publishing little fiction books is a pretty cool way of making a living. You pen the words that are in your head, you package them up so that they look pretty, and then you present them to the world. People buy those books, read them, enjoy them, and become fans. Then you do it all again. 


I'm fortunate to have earned a living publishing my little fiction books over several years. I'm now responsible for 49 Number One titles across a variety of genres, under many different pen names. One more and I get a set of steak knives. 

The students I have taught and advised have had hundreds more number one bestsellers between them. That gives me a tremendous sense of pride.


Telling a good story, and presenting it to a market that wants to buy it is my "thing." 

One of the reasons that I have been successful in storytelling is my ability to generate a multitude of ideas and plot compelling tales quickly. 

I used to avoid plotting like the plague (how ironic for 2020)

Of course, it wasn't always this way. I loathed having to plot. I'd consider it a waste of time. I'd have a smidgen of a storyline and so great would be my excitement that I'd get writing. My word count would hit astronomical levels as I raced to get my ideas on paper. Then, almost in mid-flow, the words would stop. I'd hit a brick wall. Why? Because I had no idea what would happen next in my own story. It would take me ages to get the thing finished. 


If I had taken the trouble to spend the time crafting a full plot before I started writing the whole story, this roadblock would undoubtedly have been avoided. I'd have been able to race through to the finish line, as all the hard work would already have been accomplished.

When I started to scale up to the extent that I brought in ghostwriters, I had to provide them with plots. My problem was my assumption that the ghostwriters I hired knew as much about the genre as I did. I assumed they knew all about the readers' expectations and that they would magically weave these requirements into their finished work. These assumptions were oh so wrong. Ghostwriters want to get the words written as quickly as possible so that the story can be submitted and they can get paid. It didn't matter to them if their stories didn't meet the readers' expectations. They got paid anyway. I, on the other hand, only got paid when the readers loved the books. 

The only way to ensure that I received stories that met readers exceptions, was to ensure that I gave the ghost a high-quality plot in the first instance. 

I know that I am not alone in loathing the dreaded plotting. I know a poll among my students would reveal their number one "bug-bear" to be plotting. 

These are the common issues I had with the plotting process. 

  • I was failing to abide by the rules of the genre - this meant failure before I had ever written a word. 

  • I used to get to a certain point, then lose inspiration and fail to give the story the ending it, and the reader deserved.

  • I messed up entirely by a lack of understanding of how important the introduction was to hook a potential reader. 

  • I didn't give sufficient detail for the ghostwriter to take the story where it needed to go to be successful. 

  • I failed to build enough tension, conflict and obstacles into the plot, so my stories were kinda dull. 

    I'm pretty sure that you recognise some of these issues in your own plots. Of course, I haven't yet mentioned the biggest problem. As creative types, we are too close to the work to recognise the faults that are staring us in the face.

  • Yet now my plots are legendary.

    Okay, I'm blowing my trumpet there. But 49 Number One bestsellers must tell you I'm doing something right. 

    So what changed? 

    I'd like to tell you that I stumbled on a secret recipe to plotting stories. I'd like to say to you I discovered a "method" that made it all simple. I'd even like to tell you that I just got damn lucky. 

    But…I can't. 

    It just took work and time.

    You know the quote - "The more I practised, the luckier I got." 

    You can't buy time in the trenches. You can't shortcut the 800 odd books that I have now released. You can't bypass the hours spent trying to craft the perfect story for the readership.

    Fortunately, I have already done the work, and now I can help you get the shortcut that I desperately needed.

    Imagine that you could have another pair of eyes looking over your plot. Now imagine those eyes are mine - with all of my years of experience in storytelling and understanding just what readers want. 

    By taking advantage of this opportunity, you will have the certainty that your plots have killer introductions that draw the reader in, that they have the escalation of tension that keeps the reader turning the page and the payoff at the end that will ensure they come back for more. 

    Introducing my "Plot Critique Service"

    You now have the opportunity for me to critique four of your plots over four weeks. The astute will notice that this equates to one plot a week. This allows you to see the mistakes you are making, and you can apply the feedback for subsequent submissions. 

    I provide the critique as a recorded video so that you can refer back to it wherever required. 

    Now "critique" is very "posh" word…I do not do posh. 

    I won't be using flowery language, I certainly won't be using words like "trope." I'll be giving you the nitty-gritty. 

    "The opening is dull. Grab them by the balls with a piece of action right at the start," is the sort of advice you'll be getting. 

    I'll show you where you have an issue, what you can do to improve it and, most importantly, why you should improve it, so you can learn from it. 

    My highest grossing single short story has brought in $21,906 at the time of writing. I didn't write that particular title myself, but I gave our ghostwriter the awesome plot that created it. 

    Get your plot right, and the monetary rewards could be enormous. 

    But you must get that plot right. Use me, and you will. 

    How it works

    You sign up for the service (just a warning, as this is effectivity one-on-one time. So there are a limited number of people I can help with this offer.) 

    You send me your first plot (make sure you have something ready when you sign up.) 

    I have 1 one week to provide you with your critique. 

    You send me your next plot. 

    I have 1 one week to provide you with your critique. 

    We repeat throughout August until we are done. 

    What is the investment?


    This is one-on-one time, where I am doing something personal for you. I can't reuse it. I can't resell it. 

    As you know, I protect my time with my life. To do this right (and I will be doing it right), a considerable amount of my time will be afforded to you. The critique you finally see is just the tip of the iceberg. My work happens behind the scenes considering your plot, comparing it others in your genre, and highlighting the best options for improvements. I won't be firing up the video recorder and doing this on the bounce. This is why I need seven days. 

    The time input restricts the number of people I can provide the service too. Unfortunately, this number will be considerably smaller than you think. 


    I know what you are thinking, you would like to get involved in this, but this is going to be outside of your price range. 

    But don't worry, the investment is going to be less than you think. The catch, as I have already said twice, is that there are limited places. 

    The cost will undoubtedly be less than the potential a polished plot will have in the lucrative festive marketplace. This is why this opportunity is going out now so that you can get the most out the plots you have planned for Christmas. If there is one thing you don't want to miss in the publishing world, it's the Christmas season. December's numbers last year were just "mind-blowing."

    If you were to buy my time by the hour, it would cost you between $200 and $350, depending on what you needed. As illustrated, it will take me some time to work on your critiques, which is why I need a full seven days to get back to you. 

    If you decided to do this on your own, then you could lose thousands though lost potential. Remember, my best performing plot generated over $21,000 in revenue. You are getting FOUR critiques, not just one. That is an insane value in potential alone. 

    The price for this service should probably be in the region of $1200. $400 minimum per critique. 

    But because this is the first time I'm offering critiques as a video instead of written format, and because I want your feedback on how that works you won't even pay half of that - $600. 

    By clicking BUY NOW, you'll pay just $475. 

    That is less than $120 per critique. (Yes, I'm mad….as will my accountant be, but stuff him.) 

    This is a risk-free offer. If you submit a plot that I genuinely feel I cannot improve on sufficiently to provide value, that week will roll over so that you get to submit another plot the following week.

    The catch.

    What's the catch, Neil? There is always a catch. 

    Regretfully, there is. As I have already mentioned, I'm not going to be able to help everyone. 

    This is me, an author responsible for almost 50 number 1 bestsellers and countless others from my students, personally helping you sharpen your plots to the best they can be. You are getting the benefit of my years of experience so you can shortcut the learning curve. 

    This is going to take up a lot of my time. I can't overload myself, because I want to keep my energy high and be sharp to give you my very best. 

    So, I can only offer this service for FOUR people. Yes, just 4, that wasn't a typo. 

    You should act fast if you want the benefit of my experience. 


    Paypal is set up with a maximum quantity of four. If you are unable to complete the transaction, it is because all the places have gone.


    If you act now you get:

    • Four video critiques to four different plots spread over four weeks.  
    • The benefit of my years of experience in publishing and my understanding of what readers want. 
    • I will sharpen your introduction to hook the reader 
    • I will ensure your plot has sufficient tension to make the reader never want to put it down. 
    • I will make sure your ending has the payoff that readers demand. 
    • Your plot will be the best it can be to tap into the lucrative Christmas market. 

    Because of my 1 to 1 time commitment, this service should be $1200 plus. But if you act quickly, you get this for just $475. 

    Please remember there are just four of these packages available. Just four. 4. That's one less than 5. 

    You know that with me on your side, your stories will be enthralling readers and have them buying for more. 

    Click the buy button below now. 

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy using this service. 

    Take care in these unique times. 

    Neil Bakewell 

    P.S.The advantage of taking up this offer now and not in March, or whenever I decide to offer it again, is that I will work on your Christmas plots. Christmas books have such potential that it makes sense to act now to maximise your returns. Click the button below to get started.  

    P.P.S. There are just four places available. Don't let someone else rush in and grab the opportunity that should be yours. The last thing I want is for the regret to hit when you realise that you have missed out. Click Buy Now to secure your place. 


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