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Dear fellow author, 

I've been writing and publishing successfully for over six years. I focus on short fiction; novellas, if you want to use a fancy term. Being a simple bloke, I often simply refer to them as "little books."

I've been teaching people how to do the same as me for five years. The students I tutor tend to do rather well. I have had more than one student make over $1,000,000 since working with me, another has purchased a beach condo from their profits, numerous others have quit jobs or made career changes.

When all is said and done, I'm pretty proud of the lives I've managed to impact. 

My first efforts were nothing more than disasters. 

But, truth be told, my first attempts at fiction books were horrific. Those that actually got finished that is. 

I simply wrote what I felt like. 

I didn't do any research. I didn't work out what readers might actually be interested in. I gave no thought as to how I might get eyeballs on my finished "masterpiece" when it was published. 

I just wanted to write. 

To be fair, it's what most authors do when they first start. It's why there is such a high failure rate. If you do the same, don't feel bad, we've all been there.

Reverse Engineering. 

Believe it or not, I'm an engineering graduate. Aeronautical engineering, would you believe. 

It was only when I started applying engineering practices to my writing did I get a sniff of success. 

Instead of writing what I wanted, I reversed engineered the whole process. I looked at successful books and broke them down. Step, by painstaking, step. 

And that was how my genre breakdown training programs were born. 

Why Genre Breakdown's work. 

The students I mentioned above, together with countless others, have built their success on my genre training programs. 

These training programs tell you everything you need to know to publish and promote a successful book. 

  • Imagine understanding the formulas that readers want to read again and again. 
  • Imagine knowing the type of characters the readers warm to. 
  • Imagine understanding how to construct a title that is going to resonate with buyers. 
  • Imagine not having to guess what targeting to use on Facebook to promote your work.
  • Imagine having the securing of knowing your book has a decent chance of success once it's been written.

That is just how my genre breakdown's work. 

Sports Romance is hot, hot, hot.  

The sports romance market is as hot as hell at the moment, and if profit is your prime motivator then this a genre you need to be writing in.

When wrote this on Sunday, the number one book was at 32 in the entire Amazon chart.

The top fifty books are all ranking at 926 or better! The top 100 books ALL rank at less than 2,170!

So how do you get a slice of the action? How do you ensure that your book hits a home run?

You give the readers EXACTLY what they want and then get as many of those readers’ eyeballs on your book.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

In reality, it’s not.

If it were, everyone would be doing it.

Hot and Steamy or Clean & Wholesome

The chart is predominately filled with hot and steamy romances. The hotter the better for the readers, it seems. But a number of authors make a killing writing clean and wholesome sports romance. We know that clean and wholesome is a huge thing because many of our own books take this route. The choice is yours…hot or not! 


Neil and Jen’s method work. Even though I had tried my hand at one fiction genre and two non-fiction niche books I had no success until I implemented their method the way it was outlined in their training.

The first three books all made it to best sellers in their category. Two of them stayed in it long enough to earn best seller stickers and my #1 book got knocked down a peg – by one of my other books.  At one point, they were all sitting at number 1, 2 and 3. It was exciting to see. 

 Now I know that if you do it right, it works.

Glenda Keal

Book Publisher


Neil's method for making good money from short books is solid! And you don't have to be a literary genius for it to work. Five months after releasing my first story, I passed the £1k a month milestone. One month later, I did double.

And as wonderful as those results were, how they made me feel was even more important to me. When I hit that first symbolically important milestone, I was overjoyed: "I'm actually earning money from books that only took me a few weeks to create? Wow!"

I might have done a fist pump as well, I can't remember.

But when my sales stats showed me that second figure, one fine evening in the middle of the week, I simply sat there staring at that number and got a little bit emotional.

I had set myself a target for what I wanted to earn with these short books. And all of a sudden, that goal seemed perfectly achievable. It

wasn't just a number anymore – this was becoming real!



Introducing our Slam-Dunk  Publishing Sports Romance Training

You could go into this market yourself. Blind and without a guide.

After weeks of research and the time and cost of getting a book ready for publication, it might work.

But you might have missed one or two small but essential elements which could mean a waste of your time, effort and money when it fails to resonate with readers.


Instead, why not have us explain the STEP by STEP path to success.

Enter your text here...

What you get

Our Publishing Sports Romance training gives you everything you need to get started quickly. 

There are 24 modules of training. Twenty-one of them being video-based. 

It sounds a lot, but everything is spilt into bite-sized chunks. As I've said, I like to keep things simple, and one of my skills is to present information straightforwardly. I'm not a fan of waffle and padding. 

I give you the information. You get on and take action. 

The Modules include:

  • The Basics, which gives you everything you need to know to understand the genre so you can provide readers with a book that will make them come back for more. 
  • Common themes and Cross-Over themes. In this module, you will learn some clever tricks that make your book more discoverable, which will ultimately result in more sales. 
  • With the two Author Case Studies, you'll learn how the leaders in this field score home runs, so you never strikeout. 
  • 100 Must read Sports Romance stories; don't dither working out what you should read in this genre. Pick from our curated list, which saves you time. 
  • The module Simple Ideas gets you going quickly, by outlining three basic story ideas which you can apply for your first three plots. 
  • If you don't want to write these stories yourself, the Ghostwriters module will help cut the headache of recruiting someone to do the writing for you, including tell you how much to consider paying. 
  • Constructing killer titles is essential. This module shows you the secrets to getting the perfect title to help explode your sales. 
  • Keywords and Categories stop you choosing incorrectly, which means you can rest assured your book in the right place. 
  • Covers are essential in this genre, you'll learn the impactful images that will catch the readers eye and make them buy. 
  • Pre-Launch Strategy shows you what to do before you even launch your first book, so you enter the market with a bang.
  • Don't just press "publish" and pray. Our Launch Strategy module will ensure that you follow a proven sequence to success
  • Our promotion modules show you how to promote your book on several different platforms. 
  • Learn the secrets behind handling reviews and why this could suck your time if mishandled. 
  • Our quick start guide is a handy checklist designed to help you get books released in the short possible time to get the profits flooding in.

This is a special offer

You'll probably want to know what the cost of this training is. 

Well, the exciting news is that we are running a special offer. We rarely run offers or "flash-sales" or other "hype" based offers. So the cost is going to be less than you think. But that will change because this offer will only run for a short period. 

The same is true of the bonus we are offering if you pick up on this offer. The bonus is going to be limited in quantity, and you will see why we can't provide this for everyone. 

The cost is going to be way less on what we have charged for genre breakdown training in the past. It will cost way less than trying to hire me to teach you this stuff personally (even if I have a slot free for mentoring.) Of course, you could stumble around and try to work it out for yourself with trial and error, but that is likely to cost you both time and money, and you might not end up with a reward at the end of the day. 

Bonus: We handle your book cover

I want you to be able to move quickly with this. Hence I've especially chosen this bonus to help you do this. 

For the first 10 taking this special offer - our team of designers will handle the cover for your first sports romance title. 

The cost for a decent cover could be anything up to $100

We have to limit the numbers to stop our designers becoming overwhelmed; hence only the first ten can benefit from this. 

You will have three months from purchase to redeem this bonus. 

What is the deal?

In the past, we have sold some of our genre training for $997. 

Our programs get results. It's justified. 

The publishing sports romance package WITHOUT the bonus usually costs $297. Which to be fair, is a steal. 

You could spend numerous hour trying to work this out for yourself. You could rack up cost after cost as you go through the trial and error phase. Or you could act quickly, click below and grab this package, together with the bonus for just $180.

Why 180? Well, it's the highest score available on a darts board. It seemed like a fun number. However, I strongly recommend that darts never feature in your stories.


With Neil’s expert guidance, encouragement and no-nonsense approach I went from earning around £400/month to £7,000/month within just a year. I could never have achieved this by myself. After you’ve been at it for a while, you can’t see the forest for the trees.

G Richard 



Working with Neil and Jen for the past two years has been a turning point for me and my self publishing business. Last month alone delivered $16,887 in royalties from short read publications to Kindle. I have no hesitation in recommending their training.

D Martin


I came across Neil and Jen’s training and liked what I saw, especially because they backed up their teaching with their own success. It wasn’t long before I followed suit. From my 8 #1 Best-Sellers in my genre to consistent solid 4-figure months, I knew I was on to something and haven’t looked back since.

N Stockwell


You deserve better results like my other students. By using proven formulas, in profitable genres is the way to start building your success.

Your only regreat will be that didn't try this approach sooner. 

Click below to buy. 


I hope you enjoy using this training program.

Short romance books are highly profitable.

It’s an exciting and fun way to pay the bills.

To your success, 

Neil Bakewell

P.S We rarely run special offers. This usually sells at $297. You save over $100 if you buy this now, plus you get the added value of your first cover designed by our fantastic team.
It makes sense to get this now, to secure the bonus and the lower price.

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