A lifetime of training at your finger tips 


One Investment and never pay a penny again!

I want to tell you the story about how “The vault” was born. 

As you know we are pretty successful at this self-publishing business. Our books generate well over six-figures in income each year. As we outsource 95% of the writing, it is a business that can continue long into the future. 

We were preparing our wills last year (such a jolly subject i know) and the issue of “the books business” raised its head. We want to pass this business down to our daughter if the worst was to happen to us. She can live off the income for years to come… BUT only if SHE had the skills to MANAGE this business.

Our daughter has a degree, her own life and career. She knows WHAT we do but not HOW to do it. We realised that if we died tomorrow, the business would not be generating the same income in 12 months time because our daughter wouldn’t know how to operate it.

We decided to put that right. We create a Dropbox folder of ALL of our training course. The folder starts from the from basic level courses, through to mastermind groups and through to Indie Publishing Masters. The solicitors handling our will know the details of the Dropbox account to hand over to our daughter in the event of our deaths! By accessing that training she will have all the skills needed to keep on managing and GROWING a multi-six figure business.

Every time we create something new the first thing we do is drop the training into our daughter’s Dropbox folder. 

Then over dinner that evening Jen just looked at me… completely out of context with the whole thread of the conversation and said, “we've got to make this available for everyone!” 

After some confusion on my end trying to pick up where she was heading, she explained that we could help so many people achieve the life they wanted if they had access to EVERYTHING we ever produced in terms of training. 

It was so obvious. 

Let people benefit from our legacy!  

Hence “The Vault” offer was born. A once only investment and then nothing ever again. You get EVERY single piece of training we have ever produced and then EVERYTHING we ever WILL produce in the future.


21 Days to Publication - Our starter course! How to get your first book written and published in just 21 Days

Big Money From Little Books - Our entire short read fiction system laid out and explained in detail. 

Kindle Top Gun - All the training in our 2017 mastermind. 6 genre breakdowns and a wealth of additional training. Hundreds of hours of training.

Indie Publishing Masters - Our monthly membership group. Live and recorded training each week, hot seat calls and exclusive community Facebook group. Normal Price $97 a month. 

Genre Breakdowns - Sports Romance, Sea Adventures, Gothic Romance, Cozy Mystery, Victorian Romance, Classic Westerns. 



Ongoing access to Indie Publishing Masters - month by month the amount of training grows

All future training programs and masterminds, including non self-publishing programs.

We could ask $10,000 for access to the vault and get it all day long.

Remember our training programs change lives!

They allow people to quit jobs, purchase holiday homes and have more freedom, money and fun than ever before.

To be fair, $10,000 would be a steal.

But at present we aren't asking that.

Instead, you can get every single piece of training we have produced and will produce in the future for just...


IMPORTANT NOTE: We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time!


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